new fha refinance program
new fha refinance program
new fha refinance program

You can remedy your problem and finally win your peace of mind by refinancing to a more stable fixed rate mortgage.

You can get a second opinion from experts and recheck if you get a good deal or not.

Refinancing is probably the solution to your problems because it has slightly different criteria compared to normal mortgage policy, so you may well qualify for approval despite bad credit.
For a refinance auto loan, a loan package usually contains a note and a security agreement (ie contract), an application for DMV, odometer disclosure and other documents regarding the applicant (income and employment, references).
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If you do the math, you realize that if you keep the house for 5 years or less, it is useful to take a step of closing cost.

Be aware that "less" is not the same as "teaser rates" you get earlier.